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 The Summer Reading Programs for 2015 & 2016 will need Your Help.

The library is in search of individuals, groups, and organizations that are interested in contributing prizes for children, teens, and adults, and/or monetary donations so that the library may purchase what it needs to run the programs.

Typical program costs are $3,500 - $4,000 which includes: advertising to the public and the schools; program reading logs, stickers, coloring sheets, handouts, flyers, and other items used to monitor library use and meet program criteria; incentives, prizes, grand prizes, and other items; shows and activities (example Jungle Larry, Kent State Players, Magicians, etc.); tent rental, music, art programs, etc. to attract all ages to the program.

Without community support, the Summer Reading Program could not exist.  The library wishes to thank all the local businesses, school PTA, and individuals who have supported the library in the past.  We hope that we will have your support in the future.

Please contact Children's Librarian Dianne Piper, Director Darla Bates, or Assistant Director Karen Mateer if you have any questions or wish to donate.