New: Virtual Library Card

Kinsman Free Public Library is proud to introduce the Virtual Library Card!

Apply for a Virtual Card

Picture of a Kindle with large text that says "E-Media"

What is a Virtual Library Card?

A Virtual Library Card allows you to borrow items from KFPL's e-media collection!

Here is what you can access with your Virtual Library Card: 


How do I get a Virtual Card?

To apply for a Virtual Library Card, simply fill out the online application. If approved, you will receive your Library Card Number/User ID and Pin Number within 2 business days. You do not need to visit the Library in-person to get a Virtual Card.


Who can get a Virtual Card?

KFPL's Virtual Card is available to any Ohio resident who doesn't already have an existing KFPL or CLEVNET Library Card.


I already have a KFPL Library Card, do I also need to get a Virtual Card?

No. If you already have an existing KFPL or CLEVNET Library Card, you will be ineligible to receive a Virtual Card. Your traditional KFPL Library Card (or any CLEVNET Library Card) already gives you access to the Library's e-media, so a Virtual Card is not necessary. The Virtual Card is designed to allow those who don't have a traditional card to access the Library's digital e-media collection. 


How much does a Virtual Card cost?

The KFPL Virtual Library Card is FREE!


Can I borrow physical books from the Library with my Virtual Card?

No. You may only borrow items from the Library's e-media and digital collections with your Virtual Card. If you wish to check-out physical materials within the library, you must visit the Kinsman Free Public Library with a valid ID and proof of current address and  complete a library card application.