Kinsman Free Public Library Annual Report 2020

Salaries & Benefits 61.2% General Supplies & Operations 14.7% Materials, ILL & Information Services 9.1% Purchased & Contracted Services 6.4% Transfers Out 5.7% Furniture & Equipment 2.1% General Supplies & Operations Dues & Memberships Public Library Funds (PLF) 59.1% General Property Tax-Real Estate 28.3% Restricted Grants-In 6.3% Property Tax and Allocation 4.3% Restricted State Grants-In Fines & Fees F I N A N C I A L S P A G E 4 S T R A T E G I C P L A N U P D A T E The following are highlights and progress points of the Library's Strategic Plan that were carried out in 2020: Purchased & Contracted Services Salaries & Benefits Materials, ILL & Information Services $432,554.63 $103,788.37 $64,555.21 $45,129.49 $3,689.00 Furniture & Equipment $14,633.69 Facility Maintenance & Repair $2,327.95 Transfers Out $40,000.00 Other/Miscellaneous $0 2020 Expenditures Property Tax and Allocation General Property Tax-Real Estate Public Library Funds (State PLF) $199,511.75 $44,357.00 $417,086.12 $30,415.74 $2,777.90 Unrestricted Contributions $2,555.94 Interest/Dividends on Investments $833.32 Refunds & Reimbursements $6,155.69 Miscellaneous Operating Revenue $1,600.00 2020 Revenue Library spaces were redesigned and rearranged to allow for easier browsing and comfortable seating. Staff members completed 1,200+ combined hours of training, development & continued education. Staff adapted library programs to incorporate new technology and virtual programming offerings. Staff extended services beyond our physical building to incorporate more digital services, as well as contact-free options such as curbside services, and home-delivery services for senior citizens. Staff worked with Badger Schools to deliver digital cards and e-media to students during the shutdown. The Library added Chromebooks and various other new items to the makerspace collection. The Library moved the Historical Collection to a larger space that is more user-friendly. The 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Early Literacy Program was launched in the Fall of 2020. The Library launched social media and digital marketing campaigns to highlight the e-media collection. Goal 1: User Experience Goal 2: Community Engagement Goal 3: Library as Place Goal 4: Lifelong Learning