Kinsman Free Public Library Annual Report 2023

As one of our nation’s oldest democratic public spaces, libraries have become deeply integrated into our communities. They have gone beyond books and stepped in to meet a wide variety of social and civic needs. Libraries are always moving forward to come up with new innovative and creative programs to always engage, enrich, and enlighten all who participate. Our main goal here a KFPL is to be a safe and inviting center for our patrons and community. We welcome all to come and explore KFPL and our vast collection and numerous enriching programs for all ages! OUR MISSION The mission of the Kinsman Free Public Library is to serve as the community’s paramount source for connecting people to information, education and recreation. The Library values the residents of the Joseph Badger School District and Trumbull County and responds to their needs by providing free and safe facilities, by collecting and preserving well-organized and diverse collections, and by greeting visitors with friendly and dynamic staff who are committed to the Library’s v i s ion. The Kinsman Free Public Library is dedicated to bringing people together both in the building and out in the community by creating and contributing to quality programs and services designed to engage, enrich and enlighten. ANNUAL REPORT 2023 PREPARED BY CHERYL SLATER, DIRECTOR PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 8, 2024 OUR VISION To shine as the community’s crown jewel by serving as the hub for engaging people, enriching lives and enlightening minds. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING YOUR LIBRARY! Holiday Fun! Community Events! Summer Kickoff!

COMMUNITY CALENDAR: VISIT HUB.CATALOGIT.APP/4911 TO EXPLORE THE COLLECTION THE KINSMAN HISTORICAL COLLECTION PAGE 2 2023: HIGHLIGHTS “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson KFPL was chosen as a 2023 Regrant Recipient from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB). Our project, Inventory, Storage and Digitization of the Kinsman Historical Archival Collection, was awarded $2,429 in order to inventory, rehouse and digitize the collection. As of December 28, 2023 KFPL has successfully met our specific goals for the Kinsman Historical Collection during this grant period. All archival items have been sorted, organized and boxed. 233 new digitized entries were added to the CatalogIt database. This brings our total to 876 digital database entries that are viewable to anyone online through CatalogIt. Finally, over 50% of the collection was inventoried and prepped for digitization including all of the Parker Family Letters, a collection from one of Kinsman's founding families. We are pleased with the progress we made this past year, and look forward to continuing the project! PATRON POINT MESSAGING: Community Calendar is an all in one, program planning, patron registration, annual survey, and board reporting program rolled into an easy to use dashboard. This is a time saving tool that allows us to enter library programs in one place, where patrons can see and register for upcoming programs, and receive reminders. Afterwards, the attendance can be tracked, and board and state reports are automatically generated. Community Calendar has been a great addition for us and a huge improvement for online program registration. Patron Point allows the library to focus and target library messaging on upcoming programs and events through email in a newsletter format. This fully featured marketing platform is built to attract, engage, inform and connect with our patron’s, while also reaching out to users who’s card has expired or was lost as a way to entice them back. Supported in part by an award from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board, through funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), National Archives and Records Administration.

0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 Juvenile Books Teen Books Adult Books E-Media* Physical AV** Number of Visits to Library's Website *Many of our technology projects, including funding for our Technology Trainer, were made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the State Library of Ohio. Technology & Digital Usage Statistics for 2023 Circulation (Comprehensive for the year) Total Physical Book Circulation: 127,030 Juvenile: 28,895 Teen: 6,412 Adult: 91,723 Physical AV Circulation: 20,053 E-Media Circulation: 21,510 Total Circulation for 2023: 147,083 items KFPL staff offered our community 202 inperson programs and activities, with 2,565 participants. One such exciting program was the Trumbull Treasure Hunters who came and shared their expertise on finding buried treasure from days gone by on the library grounds. Another program first was the KFPL Local Author Fair, which 8 local authors of various genres signed, sold and discussed their books with attendees. Looking forward to new exciting events in 2024. Collection (Totals as of December 31, 2023): Total Physical Books in Collection: 53,202 Physical AV in Collection: 8,555 Toys, Games, & Equipment: 338 Databases in Collection: 36 E-Media titles in collection: 1,538,736 Total Collection size in 2023: 1,600,867 *E-Media = Electronic books, videos, and music borrowed from the the digital/streaming collections **Physical AV = DVD's, music CD's and CD audiobooks in the Library's physical collection Number of Visitors to the Building Number of New Card Holders Registered Number of Times Library's Wi-Fi was Used This chart represents the number of items that were borrowed from Kinsman Free Public Library in 2023. LIBRARY USAGE STATISTICS PAGE 3 Community & Building Usage Statistics for 2023 Service Population (Badger School District) Total Number of Card Holders Number of Reference Questions Answered 5,972 18,847 4,509 392 5,872 Number of Technology Help Sessions Number of Check-Outs of Wi-Fi Hot Spots Number of Public Computer Sessions 94 26,613 224 4,553 643 Library Programming Collection & Circulation Statistics for 2023

Salaries & Benefts 59.6% Transfers Out 19.3% Purchased & Contracted Services 9.9% Materials, ILL & Information Services 6.3% Furniture & Equipment 1.6% General Supplies & Operations Dues & Memberships Public Library Funds (PLF) 66.1% General Property Tax-Real Estate 26.3% Property Tax and Allocation 3.8% Fines & Fees FINANCIALS PAGE 4 STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE The following are highlights and progress points of the Library's Strategic Plan that were carried out in 2023: Purchased & Contracted Services Salaries & Benefits Materials, ILL & Information Services $493,214.39 $18,182.33 $52,454.12 $81,648.76 $5,000.00 Furniture & Equipment $13,462.83 Facility Maintenance & Repair $3,886.65 Transfers Out $160,000.00 2023 Expenditures Property Tax and Allocation General Property Tax-Real Estate Public Library Funds (State PLF) $206,235.15 $518,217.81 $29,772.49 $5,025.15 Unrestricted Contributions $12,107.00 Interest/Dividends on Investments $12,257.51 Refunds & Reimbursements $39.12 Miscellaneous Operating Revenue $566.51 2023 Revenue Goal 1: User Experience Updated the building plans of a future 3 floor addition onto the rear of the Library with the soul purpose of becoming a community hub for meetings, studying and celebrating. Staff welcomed and greeted 18,847 visitors to the Library in 2023. Goal 2: Community Engagement Staff extended services by partnering with The Hartford Parks Committee in offering a craft and story time program in the summer at the Hartford Center Park. New book club at the local senior advocacy center called the Pre-lunch Brunch. Goal 3: Library as Place Promoted extended visits by offering work areas, during a seasonal power outage in our community. Expanded our Library of Things collection to include a WIFI booster and 6 additional Hot spots for check out. Goal 4: Lifelong Learning Connected the community with 8 local authors during our first ever Author Fair. Maintained a diverse and relevant collection by adding 1,906 new titles in 2023.