Monetary Donations

a jar full of coins with coins scattered around it and a red heart

The Library is pleased to accept financial contributions for general operations or for specific programs or services such as our summer reading program, children's programming, outreach programming, building or development projects, creative studios, and more. 

For questions regarding monetary donations, or to have a form mailed to you, please contact the Circulation Desk at (330) 876-2461 option #2.

Memorial Donations

wooden fence with In Memory carved into it and pink roses in the foreground

The Library is also pleased to accept monetary contributions to be used for general operations or for a specific purpose, as well as monetary contributions to purchase of books in memory of a person or for a specific event.

Donors are encouraged to suggest the type and subject of a book(s) that would be appropriate. Library staff will choose specific titles based on the donor's request and our existing selection criteria for the collection.

After the memorial book is purchased, the donor will receive a letter acknowledging the donation of the specific book(s). A book plate is placed in the front of each book listing the name of the honored person and the donor.

For questions regarding memorial book donations, or to have a form mailed to you, please contact the Circulation Desk at (330) 876-2461 option #2.

Celebration Book Club

Pink background with colored confetti and a book open with the pages shaped into a heart

Is there a person in your life that's hard to buy for?  Are you looking to buy a special occasion gift?  Let us do the work for you!  You can celebrate friends and loved ones and all of the special occasions in your life by purchasing and donating a book in their honor.  Celebrate anything from birthdays to retirements to anniversaries with a book dedicated to them. Stop in or contact the Circulation Desk at (330) 876-2461 option #2.

Kids' Birthday Book Club

Kids' Birthday Book Club with a Dinosaur and baloons

Hey parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends...well, EVERYBODY! Want to get that special child in your life a birthday gift that will be super cool and lasting? How about purchasing a book dedicated in their name to be added to the Kinsman Free Public Library's collection! It's simple to do! Birthday Book Club instructions.